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Recycled plastic

100% recycled PVC

Electric cable sheathing, roller blinds, pipes...

Traffic Separators for Cycle Tracks | Protected bike lanes | Cycle lane raised divider | Zebra bumps | Cycle Lane Delineators | Marking bars

Robust traffic separator for cycle lanes with an original design that allows two possible placements on the ground: parallel or oblique (according to the axis). Available in three heights (5, 9 and 13 cm). ZEBRA is already installed in the UK, USA (Washington DCHouston - Texas, San Antonio - Texas, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain (Barcelona), Turkey (Istambul) , Chile (Santiago de Chile).

ZEBRA was awarded as the second best recycled plastic product in Europe in 2011 by EPRO.


Eco-label: Environmental Quality Assurance Award

Tested by: Transport Research Laboratory from London (TRL) 

Manufactured in: UE

First year of production: 2008

Registered designs: DC000974142-0001 & DC002463877-0001/2/3

Technical sheet 2.42 MB

Zicla Innovation in recycled products.

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